"Thank you, John, we have appreciated you and your company's lawn & snow removal service for many years, keep it up!"
-Jack & Bev Friends, N.E. Rochester, MN. (**Existing Customer 10 years**)

Tip:“Late summer and fall are the most important times to fertilize lawns. Fall fertilization allows nitrogen to be absorbed by the grass while vertical growth is slow. This promotes green-up in the spring without stimulating excessive shoot growth and need to collect clippings.”
-Minnesota Extension Service

"We have received pictures of the great job you are doing! Thanks for your good work!"
-Linda & Phil Ferguson, N.E. Rochester, MN. (**Existing Customer 4 years**)

Tip: “Remember-A dense, healthy lawn reduces noise levels, cools the environment, filters dust and pollen out of the air, and is one of the safest playing surfaces available.”
-Minnesota Extension Service

"Dear John, thanks for making our lawn look great, as always! It's so nice to come home from work after a long day at work to a beautiful yard!"
-E. Kline & Family. N.E. Rochester, MN. (**Existing Customer 3 years**)

"I really appreciate your company taking care of may snow removal again this year. I don't know what I do without your help. Thank you so much!"
-Sue Dahmas. N.E. Rochester, MN. (**Existing Customer 10 years**)

Tip: “Mulching-Grass clippings can provide an effective mulch around garden plants and between rows of flowers, vegetables, and small fruits. Mulching helps to reduce weeds, conserve moisture, and modify the soil temperature. However, care should be taken to avoid mulching too thickly. Excessive mulch can inhibit moisture and oxygen penetration into the soil, and may produce offensive odors.”
-Minnesota Extension Service

Welcome to Johnny Cuts!

Johnny Cuts, LLC Lawn Care & Snow Removal is a company that specializes in weekly or one time service in lawn care maintenance and snow removal. We offer flexible payment options, professional lawn care advice and quality customer service. We recognize people who live a busy work life want to spend more time with family or just go on vacation and not have to worry about their lawn maintenance. Also, people who are aging may not be able to keep up with the demands of their weekly lawn maintenance and snow removal needs.

We are dedicated to providing you a quality driven lawn care maintenance, fall/spring cleanup and snow removal in a fast, friendly, eco-friendly and professional manner...all at affordable rates!

Now serving Rochester and its surrounding communities.

Give us a call at (763.438.5185) for a free estimate.

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