“Thank you for doing a great job on our lawn care! It looks great and really appreciate it!.”
-E. Kline & Family (N.E. Rochester, MN, (**Existing Customer**)

Tip:“Late summer and fall are the most important times to fertilize lawns. Fall fertilization allows nitrogen to be absorbed by the grass while vertical growth is slow. This promotes green-up in the spring without stimulating excessive shoot growth and need to collect clippings.”
-Minnesota Extension Service
“Thank you very much John. This is great service!.”
-M. Rothman & Family (N.E. Rochester, MN, (**NEW Customer-**)

Tip: “Remember-A dense, healthy lawn reduces noise levels, cools the environment, filters dust and pollen out of the air, and is one of the safest playing surfaces available.”
-Minnesota Extension Service
“Excellent serive as always! Thank you so much for your help over the Holidays.Its great having someone reliable while out of town.”
-D. Murphy. N.E. Rochester, MN, (**Existing Customer-3 years**)

“I really appreciate your company taking care of my snow removal again. I don’t know what I’d do without you’re help. Thank you so much! Sue.”
–S. Dahmas (**Existing Customer 9 years**)

Tip: “Mulching-Grass clippings can provide an effective mulch around garden plants and between rows of flowers, vegetables, and small fruits. Mulching helps to reduce weeds, conserve moisture, and modify the soil temperature. However, care should be taken to avoid mulching too thickly. Excessive mulch can inhibit moisture and oxygen penetration into the soil, and may produce offensive odors.”
-Minnesota Extension Service

About Us

Johnny Cuts, LLC is a Minnesota limited liability company that specializes in Lawn Care Service & Snow Removal. We are licensed and insured and are happy to furnish copies of our licensing and proof of insurance upon request. The LLC was formed with the assistance of business attorneys from the Rochester, Minnesota law firm Dunlap & Seeger, P.A. A copy of our Article of Organizationand Health Insurance Coverage (BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota)is available upon request.

As the business owner (John DeVinny) my background includes many years of both education and experience suited to the lawn care industry. Growing up in Rochester, Minnesota, I perfected my manicuring skills mowing lawns for many family members, relatives, and neighbors.My schooling brought me to Minnesota State University-Mankato, where under the university’s work-study program, I performed many hours of lawn care maintenance for both on-campus and on Minnesota Vikings practice football fields. I graduated from college with a business degree in Marketing/Management in 1992.

We are dedicated to you in providing you a quality lawn care maintenance and snow removal service –forresidential/commercial properties-in fast, eco-friendly and professional manner.

Let start a business relationship today!